Our Program

Stony Plain Playschool is a learn through play program with a focus on social and creative learning. The curriculum includes a balance of structured activities such as story time and craft time, as well as plenty of free play and station activities for the children to explore. The classroom provides a variety of learning spaces including an indoor play area, a designated quiet reading zone, ample crafting space as well as numerous learn-through-play stations throughout the room. This design provides an ideal balance for children to not only learn, but also explore their unique areas of interest to promote optimal developmentofthewholechild.


Children participating in 3-year-old classe must be three years old and toilet trained prior to their first day of class. Children participating in the 4-year-old classes must be 4 by February 28 of that school year. Registration is limited to 15 students per class. Students are guided by our certified teacher, Click staff (as needed), as well as parent volunteers.

Program Fees
The program is priced according to the number of sessions per week your child is registered and whether your family can commit to required parent volunteer days.

Fundraising is mandatory for all families. Fundraising is necessary to keep the program running at an affordable cost. Profits from this fundraising are put toward the monthly bills, general maintenance and supplies for the school. A $200.00 fundraising cheque dated June 1st will be required with your registration. Profit raised will be cumulative for the entire year, so you can participate in all of the fundraisers or only one if you reach the required profit. If you raise a $200.00 profit for the playschool, your cheque will be returned to you. If you do not raise $200.00 profit for the playschool, your fundraising deposit cheque will be cashed. If you choose not to participate in the fundraisers please include a $200.00 cheque or cash with your paperwork.

Parent Volunteers
Parent helpers are an essential part of our playschool in order to meet required adult to child ratios in the classroom. These days are a great opportunity for parents to observe your child’s progress and development, and your child will be looking forward to sharing these school days with you.  Parent Helper days are assigned on a first come, first serve basis and all parent volunteers are required to provide a clear and current criminal record check.

Even if your family has chosen the non-volunteer program option, we still encourage parents to come spend time in the classroom as the children look forward to sharing their school experience with mom or dad.

Executive Positions
The playschool executive consists of: president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, registrar and fundraising coordinator. If you are interested in becoming more involved in your child playschool experience, please contact the current executive or teacher.